Learn how to make new connections in a more meaningful way!

It's an imperfect world. That means your dream clients won't be beating a path to your door to do business with you. You can’t make a perfect world, but you can fix the problem of getting dream clients.

It requires action. You have to actively get out there and build strong relationships. 

If you want the best results, you need structure... and an easy-to-follow system. Janet Tanguay,  teaches you her system that has created endless opportunities and clients for her and many others. 

In this course you will learn tips and trips for making more meaningful connections with people that will deepen your network and make selling feel like not selling at all.

Learn from a true POWER CONNECTOR!

Janet will share with you her tips and tricks for connecting in a more meaningful way

Having worked with over 1,000 entrepreneurs and artists and attended hundreds of workshops and events with her work at the Chamber of Commerce, Janet has the unique position of knowing which connections were meaningful and lead to greater success.

Your dream clients are waiting for you!

Starting cold yields few business results. You've already given the other person an advantage and given up your authority by purchasing lists and making unsolicited cold calls. 

Get more and better results with this course!

Learn how to be the sought-after person everyone wants to know. Create relationships that turn into clients. We can't guarantee you won't hear the answer 'no', but you will hear ‘yes’ more often.

Using the tools in this course, you will feel empowered and confident to attend events and know what to watch for to make meaningful connections.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Message From Janet

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    • Welcome to the course!
  • 02

    Pre-Course Assessment

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    • Your Goals and Dreams
  • 03


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    • Intro
  • 04


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    • Welcome
  • 05

    Chapter One: Knowing You is Trusting You

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    • Chapter 1
  • 06

    Chapter Two: Getting Yourself Out There

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    • Chapter 2
  • 07

    Chapter Three: Giving Comes Full Circle

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    • Chapter 3
  • 08

    Chapter 4: Authenticity Builds Connection and Trust

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    • Chapter 4
    • Values Assessment
  • 09

    Chapter 5: Building Strong Relationships

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    • Chapter 5
  • 10

    Chapter 6: Be Clear on Your Skills and Show Gratitude

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    • High Value Connections Assessment
    • Six Degrees of Separation Exercise
    • Chapter 6
  • 11

    Chapter 7: The Bigger Picture

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    • Chapter 7
  • 12

    Chapter 8: Go Above and Beyond For Your Clients

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    • Project 8
  • 13

    Chapter 9: Creating Long-Term Relationships

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    • Chapter 9
  • 14


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    • Conclusion
  • 15


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    • Values Worksheet
  • 16

    Mind Mapping Course ** Special Offer!"

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    • Further your knowledge!

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Janet Tanguay, CEO and Dream Synergist


Throughout her career, Janet has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs in launching their dream businesses, and has guided hundreds of people toward living the life of their dreams through her Vision Board Workshops. "Part of my dream is to spend more time in a hammock – reading, writing, coaching, hanging with friends and entrepreneurs possibly on a tropical island or an interesting back yard, still serving others passionately and living on my own terms. The Hammock Way of Life, LLC embodies this vision that I hold, and represents whatever your vision is for your ideal future, too." Janet's first business, Studio J, opened in 1993 to assist companies in developing marketing strategies for growth and development. As the founder of Art n Soul, Inc. from 2006 – 2017, she represented over 150 artists, coaching and teaching them the business of art. Janet is also a mixed media artist; author of two children’s books, Be Bee and Dustbunnies Don’t Eat Carrots; and a former featured writer on the Times Union Blog on micro businesses called Startup and Grow and on Womeninbiz.com. Her art work has been included in exhibits locally and nationally. Janet has appeared on the television shows The Hip Entrepreneur, The Growth Mindset, Inspiring Wellness Solutions, and Schenectady Today. Most recently, in print, she has been featured on the cover of Women@Work Magazine in the 2018 Business Finance issue. Janet has also received the 50 Over 50 Making a Difference honor from Channel 10 (WTEN), the Fierce Advocate of Entrepreneurs Award from SheSpeaks2Me.com, and is a five time winner of the NYS Award of Excellence for Program Performance, Achievement and Dedication to the Entrepreneurs of New York State.

Janet Tanguay

Dream Synergist, Hammock Way of Life, LLC

Janet  Tanguay

Client Raves!

“I began working with Janet in 2015 to organize my vision and goals for the upcoming year. I am real estate agent, therefore most of my sales depend on my network and who I am connected with. Janet's sessions allowed me to see my full sphere of influence and how I could become more active in those groups. I have found that the planning Janet takes on before our meetings are thought out and focused specifically on my industry, which then allows us to get right to the core of my mission and business goals. Since starting mind mapping my sales volume has increased in volume from 5 million to over 10 million in just under three years. We set specific goals and she holds me accountable to them. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone looking to take their career or dream to the next level and see their true potential. ”

Traci Cornwell

I will show you how to create a clear and easy path that goes from you to your dream clients!

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