If you are asking yourself, 'What now?' or 'How do I figure out who I want to be at this stage of life?' This program is for you. By enrolling in this program, you are committing to gift yourself a regular monthly timeslot...time to think, explore, connect to your old [new?] self. Not a huge imposition of time, but focused time for you nonetheless. CAN YOU DO THAT FOR YOU? WHAT YOU WILL NEED FOR THIS PROGRAM: a private space, a computer, a notebook or journal, a pen. That's it. You, creating a 'room of one's own' to become the person you want to be in the second half of your life.

Who is this online program for?

WOMEN IN MID-LIFE! [...mid-life starts sooner than you think & goes longer than you think! If you're a woman looking for self-direction, reignited passion or new purpose, join us!]

What will you get out of participating?

If you are looking for clarity in your second half of life, ...'who am I now?' ... 'what do I want to do now?' This program is for you.  By enrolling, you will find focus, feel better, get fit, and discover you again.  

...Mid-life...the kids are grown, the career is stale and the marriage is no longer impassioned. After decades of giving to others, giving/giving/giving, you get depleted and it feels like you're living on the surface, a little dim, a little depressed, a little lacking in focus and passion. IS THIS ALL THERE IS?...

As research for my book, I've had countless conversations with women in mid-life and heard this

"I just can't get it together."

"I feel like I've lost my passion. I've lost my buzz." 

"I just don't know what I want to do now."

In this year-long program, I will share coaching tools that I use in my practice, and encourage you to think, write and create a plan. This course will offer you time to yourself and the accountability you need to create the change you want and I will be happy to field your personal questions.  

PS time is passing anyway, don't let another year go by feeling anything less than the sparkle you desire and deserve. What do your next 30 years look like?



    This program offers you a regular time monthly-time for yourself, to think, to explore, to connect to your old [new?] self. You'll have the benefit of proven Coaching Tools that support your desire to glean, grow, gain a more impassioned second half of life.


    You'll feel calmer, happier and more in charge of your own life. You'll start every session with a really great stretch [worth the price of admission alone!], some breaths and an opportunity to clear mental clutter. This benefit will help you create a new habit to support your calmer, happier life!

  • What are the dates for the sessions?

    The sessions will be held the 4th Monday of the the month at 8:00 pm ET. These are live sessions, not pre-recorded. There are 2 exceptions on the dates due to holidays [May & Dec]. Here are the dates: 1/28, 2/25, 3/25, 4/22, 5/20, 6/24, 7/22, 8/26, 9/23, 10/28, 11/25, 12/16

  • Can I join this program anytime during the year?

    Yes, this program is designed so that you can join in anytime. Once you register, you will be sent a recording of the earlier sessions that you missed.

  • What if I miss a session?

    If you let the instructor know that you will be missing a session, a recording can be sent via email.


    Intentionally affordable! [both time & money] Participating in this program won't break your bank [but it will fill your personal bank!]. The early bird price is $100 through January 25, 2019. After that, the price will be $360.00 for the entire year-still a bargain to 'buy' time for yourself, no?!


    By participating in this program, you will feel inspired. Not just by the course material offered, but by your own internal motivation as you review and use the monthly Coaching Tools. You will gain a library of coaching tools to keep and use as needed.

  • What equipment is needed and what is the classroom platform being used?

    A laptop or desktop computer and the downloaded program Adobe Connect. You will be sent a link one week prior to class to download onto your computer. The platform does work from a mobile phone, but it is not suggested. Your experience will be significantly enhanced if you have a computer, a quiet space in private, a notebook and pen.

  • How will I know how to use the classroom platform Adobe Connect?

    Every month on the Wednesday before the Monday sessions, we will have a Tech Practice scheduled from 8:00-8:30 pm ET. This is not required, but it is suggested to ensure your classroom experience. You will receive the URL link to the classroom via email and you simply put it into your browser and click on download and then put in your name and click 'Enter.'

Student Communications

  • Emails from Volution Virtual Services

    Upon enrollment, you can expect weekly email communications from your Course Administrator, Pam Sullivan of Volution Virtual Services. These emails will be sent from her at pam@volutionvirtual.com. Be sure to add this email to your contacts to be sure you receive all updates!



“My conversation with you helped me so much, in just 20 minutes you really 'got me' and offered a practical reframe. I can't believe how you did that and just seemed to know me right from the start. Your talk gave me something solid and real when I felt like I've been grasping for something for a long time. Your coaching was so helpful and I can’t wait to talk to you again. Thank you! ”


Pam Sullivan, September, 2018

“Your online course was a hit! I knew I wanted to get you in front of my team, but it wasn't budget-friendly to bring everyone in. I wasn't sure how people would respond to the online training, but as I managed the platform and comments, it was clear that your energy and enthusiasm was coming through as if in person! You helped each person discover their Divine message and become more confident expressing their voice in public. Your workshop empowered participants to conquer their fears through recognizing their unique mission and voice. We can't thank you enough! ”


Nechama Laber, Global Director Jewish Girls Unite

“Susan, you have a way of just talking straight and you are so clear and precise in your words--how do you do that? I have learned the benefit of speaking this way and thinking this way by working with you; I'm practicing it myself every day. I never realized how our words and thoughts are so filled with useless stuff and especially negative stuff about ourselves. This is a skill that I can't wait to teach to my kids! My Affirmation: I think and speak clearly!”



“Honestly, I can't believe how much better I feel from just two calls. I had no idea the fear that was gripping me every time I thought about that subject. I don't know how you realized it! When we did that exercise of looking right at it and breathing, it was knowing that you were right there for me-I could feel it-that finally allowed me to open my eyes. I thought everyone would judge me, but you didn't, thank you! I can't wait until our next call! ”



“What an amazing book. I've read it twice and both times I've found new ways to look at my life. A must read for every woman looking to find purpose in their life.”


MaryAnn Goodman-Fish

“I have known Susan for some time now. She has the soul of a teacher, bringing a deep and resounding clarity to the questions that her clients are seeking the answers to. She doesn't give you the answers but instead asks the right questions. She is deeply generous with her wisdom and time. ”

Faizun Kamal

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Susan Axelrod

Instructor Bio:

"You're my sherpa!" ...this, from a coaching client who wanted to be on the path to a more content and calm life. Susan's coaching is not for the faint of heart, but it's a homerun every time for anyone who wants to GET OK WITH BEING OK, and then, moving forward in a more purposeful and meaning-filled [there's JOY in there!] life. Offering priceless Tools & Tips online, Susan can become your sherpa to a more Confident-Life....imagine the possibilities! What would it feel like to know that you are on-point/on-target or even On Purpose in your life? Any course this instructor offers points you in that direction...get on the path and go!

Susan Axelrod


Susan Axelrod

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